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Talk about old podcasts here.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:01 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 08 Jun 2006
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Location: Washington, DC

The podcasts we produced for the first year or so are located at our original LibSyn site, . We have left all our shows up on the web, and they can be downloaded from now on.

But the protection against comment spam on that site is not the most robust in the world. Therefore, I began turning off the ability to comment, on a post-by-post basis, starting today (July 18, 2007).

Nevertheless, people still listen to those old shows. You might listen to them yourself.

If you'd like to continue the "podcast conversation" about any of those old shows, this is the place to do it.

If you start a thread here, it might help if you included a direct link to the specific post page of the edition to which you are referring. (Ask me for help in doing this if you need to.)

I just received a cool email from a listener who had heard the very first "real" podcast I recorded, on the distinction between "nerd" and "geek." Keep 'em coming!

The Word Nerds, a podcast about language
Dave's Midlife Blog
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:11 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 09 Sep 2006
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Today was a very sad day for me, I finally caught up on the archives! A little background, I found the show in late summer 2006, when I was involved with a technology grant and intended to have my students podcast. In November 2006, our school was dropped from the grant and I, unfortunately stopped checking the podcast on a regular basis. Then in early 2007, my mp3 player broke and I gave up on podcasts totally.

After nearly a year of listening to local radio stations as they slowly drove me mad, I got an iPod for Christmas and started listening to podcasts again. By January, I was immersed in going through the Word Nerd archives slowly, allowing myself to become distracted by listening to other podcasts (the show on abridgment lead to me to the wonderful The Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast, for example).

Anyway, I listen to podcasts now on my drive to and from work for the 20 or so minutes I'm in the car. Usually I have tons of comments in my head that I forget by the time I get to a computer, so I'll start out with a few I've thought of and add as they come back to me:

Locker Room Language, The Secret Sexism of Language, Homophobic Language, and Sports Language: It occured to me, one popular metaphor for pointing out someone as being gay is to say, "they play for the other team." To me, this always sounded odd, being that dating is usually not a team sport. Furthermore, often your "teammates" are also your competition, or at best, those who are attracted to you would not be the "opposing team."

I get the implication that they are not "with" you if they are on the other team, but that's about as far as my understanding of this saying goes.

Names and Identity: One of the strangest feelings is being a teacher and realizing you're not sure how to address your colleagues. For example, a friend of mine was walking out one day shortly after she started and referred to the Geography teacher by his first name, Gil. He, being the type of person he is, responded in his usual dry humor, "It's Mr. Baker." She mistook him for being serious and missed his intention and it caused some awkward interactions for a while between them. However, it underscores an issue, as sometimes it's okay to address a fellow teacher by their first name, while other times, you tend to just refer to that person by a last name.

Related to this, it was about 2 years into teaching, for me, that I felt fully ingrained as a teacher at my school. It was that point when I realized that the teachers outside my usual group of friends, as well as the principal were referring to me by my first name. Even recently, when I saw my old principal at his new school, he referred to me by my first name, and I felt like, "wow, I must have made an impact on this person!"

Of course, it also took me a while to get comfortable with my friends calling me by my first name with students around. I think as a new teacher, you cling to this new persona centered around your identity as "Mr." or "Ms." (or rarely, "Mrs." but that's another story) "So and so" rather than going by your first name or a nickname. Now that I'm more comfortable, I don't mind students knowing my first name, as long as they recognize it's not polite to address me as such.

Further compounding this is the fact that I recently started a second job tutoring for a company. They refer to us by our first names, preceded by "Mr." or "Ms." And, while I haven't had a student at my school attend the center, another teacher started working there, and I find it hard to refer to her by anything but, "Mrs./Ms. Lewis."

Also, there is the issue of your user name on-line. I go by a few, but for this site, I go by my last name. For one, I felt in this type of forum, I should use a version of my real name (genre related forums lend themselves to more creative user names), but didn't want to use my full name. I don't think you guys went into this much, focusing more on hiding behind a pseudonym so that one could perpetrate actions such as flame wars and trolling, but, some people are uncomfortable using "real names" because of privacy issues. Since my last name is unique, at least in America, it's not hard to find information out about me if you know my first and last name. Others with more "common" names wouldn't have this problem. (I also went by my last name, since it is German in origin and I thought Dave and Howard S. would appreciate it).

That's all for now, I'll add as I remember thoughts I had at 6:30 AM those mornings I listened as I drove into work.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:44 pm Reply with quote
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Have very little to do with language, most likely, but I thought it was funny.

Last night I met up with my best friend, who I haven't seen since July, and his room-mate at 8 PM and came home at 2:30 AM, so I can wake up at 5:00 AM to get to school. To have something to listen to while I go to sleep, the next Word Nerds 'cast I listen to is "Words of Weariness," which has the two main hosts saying that they were exhausted near the end of their semester, made worse by doing things they wanted to do regardless. Just thought it was funny, kinda ironic.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:37 am Reply with quote
Joined: 08 Jun 2006
Posts: 357
Location: Washington, DC

Ah yes. I remember Words of Weariness.

I am once again at that point right now. If we do not get a day off for snow soon, we teachers and students feel like we will just collapse. No snow on the horizon for the Washington area, though, I'm afraid to say.

The Word Nerds, a podcast about language
Dave's Midlife Blog
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Talk about old podcasts here.
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