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Rules for the Rude Words forum
PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 9:14 am Reply with quote
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The Rude Words forum is provided as a place where we can have mature discussions about the most socially marginal words and phrases, language that is generally considered offensive.

While the rest of the Word Nerds Discussion board is governed by the general rules and guidelines, there are different rules for this forum. We will do our best not to censor the Rude Words forum, although we may have to moderate discussions from time to time, according to the "no spam" and "no flaming" principles.

Here, in question-and-answer form, is a list of rules. WARNING! This list contains several rude words! (Thanks to webhill for helping get this list started.)

  • Should I abbreviate rude words or use euphemisms for them? No. Please feel free to write rude words out completely in the Rude Words forum. In other forums you may wish to abbreviate or euphemize, in order to maintain a PG or PG-13 rating, but here in Rude Words you should write out everything.

  • Can I say absolutely anything I want? Well, no, not really. The one kind of speech we will be inclined to moderate heavily or censor is the general category or concept of "hate speech"--and by that we mean cruel expressions that are directed against some group or individual here on the board or elsewhere. For example, we don't mean you may never spell out the word "nigger," but that word should not be used here on the forum to refer to a person or group. Moreover, the general board rules against illegal activity apply here as well.

  • Is it ok to say "fuck" in this forum? Fuck yeah! We are all about discussion of words here, even rude, obscene, or explicit ones. Please keep discussion of such words in the Rude Words forum.

  • Well, then, can I say "fuck you?" Only if you want to discuss the origin or development of the phrase. For example, "Does anyone know if the phrase 'fuck you' was first used by James T. Barnwiddle in 1581, or if it came along later," is perfectly acceptable. But "Fuck you, you loser, you don't even know how to spell, you ain't no Word Nerd," is unacceptable usage on this forum.

  • Are there any words which can never be used on this forum? No. But there are inappropriate usages, as explained above. It's OK to talk about an ugly word, but not to use it in an ugly way.

  • How about dirty pictures? Can I post them here? No, please restrict the discussion here to language. We're all about words and their power, not provocative or titillating images.

As with the general rules and guidelines, we reserve the right to take whatever actions we deem necessary for the health of the discussion board. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Rules for the Rude Words forum
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